Hello (again) Freenet

A year and a half ago I started mirroring this blog onto Freenet. However at some point I stopped running a node.
Now I’m back to try out the early alpha release. What really got me back was the new open net part, that lets you download the software and connect to the network without the hassle of having to find other nodes to connect to. I know that if you really care about your anonymity you should only connect to people you know and trust. But since none of my friends (that I know of) run freenet, I will settle with this second best solution.
(However, if anyone out there feel they know and trust me, and that I should know and trust them, feel free to contact me with regards to setting up a permanent darknet connection. Do notice that my node will not be online 24/7 though.)

My impression of the network so far is positive. Sites seem to come up quite fast (compared with last time I used freenet) and frost also seems very responsive. Looking forward to the second alpha release which should be coming out soon.

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