The two greatest things about Google+

I have been looking around Google+ the last few days and it seems nice. The interface is intuitive, the Android app works fine, and the idea of putting your friends and acquaintances in circles to sort them by your relationship with them is (while not a new concept) clever.
In general I like most of the Google services and this one has that google feel that makes your average google fanboy (like me) feel good using it.

There is really no reason to pretend that Google+ is not taking on Facebook (I think Google themselves are the only ones claiming that it does something different from what Facebook does), so a comparison is straight forward.
On both systems I can stay in touch and share with people I know. That is basically it, and both systems do this. Who does it best isn’t really that important. As with all social networking tools, what matters most is if the people I want to socialize with are using the system.

So, is there any reason to believe that Facebook and/or Google+ is going to be the last social network I’m going to sigh up with? Properly not.

So as a user, I’m really interested in being able to migrate my data  (content, connections, personal info) easily from one network to the next.
And that is the first great feature of Google+. Getting your data out is easy – there is a menu option under Account Settings called Data liberation. It let’s you export your data nice and easy. (See the screen shots to your right.)

The other great thing is the option to delete your account. Facebook has been infamous exactly because this is so hard to do with Facebook accounts. First you have to go through the process of deactivating your account, and only then can you request it to be deleted. But Google is presenting this option one click from my Google+ frontpage.

These two features of Google+ is, in my mind, helping people understand that they are free to leave any social media site, and if they can’t bring their data with them, it’s not really the right place to be to begin with.

But I may be wrong. In the end, the most popular site is properly going to be the one with most kittens

Kittens! by jameswragg

3 thoughts on “The two greatest things about Google+”

  1. I linked to this post with the following comment:
    I’ve had a love/hate relationship w/FB since the beginning. 2 difficult 2 exp/imp data, set privacy prefs, etc. & all those ‘allow App’ msgs … does anyone really know what they are allowing FB (or their affiliates) 2 do w/their info? Every month FB implements a ‘new feature’ which always makes me nervously go back and recheck settings. If Google+ does any of these better I’ll move to it in a heartbeat.

    Facebook may have been a great idea for a relatively small group of college kids sharing info. But, as far as I am concerned, they have failed miserably beyond that realm.

  2. Nice to know Google is making it easy to opt out if you find you don’t want it anymore.

    Like Sandi I think FB fails in a lot of ways. I felt like FB was constantly trying to dig every last bit of info out of me. Needless to say, I deleted my account after a bit over a year of using FB. Just can’t stand the constant changes to privacy settings.

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