Blog movingday

For quite some time I have wanted to move my blog from my domain.


Getting the new domain ( was quite easy, and I did that long time ago, but getting around the technical stuff took a bit more time. Setting up a new blog was no problem with WordPress. What took me some time (but now that I know how to do it shouldn’t have taken more that a few minutes) was moving all the old posts over through the wordpress export and import tools and setting up a redirect from the old blog.


So, hopefully I have now managed to transfer all the content from the old domain, set up a redirect that catches all old posts. Additionally I have changed the theme of the blog, from the very brightly coloured Greenery theme to the more low key Titan Theme. Hopefully this change won’t represent a general change from less colour full content on the blog, but I felt now might be as good a time as any to make a change.


On a more technical note, although the redirects should take care of any issues, feel free to update any links and change rss feeds from pointing to to All underlying link structure should have been moved along – but if you do notice dead links or other odd behaviour, feel free to let me know.


In case you wonder, this is actually the second time the blog is moving. First time was when I moved from Livejournal to a wordpress install on my own domain.

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