I just got home from a demonstration for a cease-fire in Lebanon and an end to occupation. I would have brought a camera, but forgot, so for now, no pictures from the event.

There were a number of speakers from a broad spectrum of parties and organizations.

As a ‘surprise treat’ David Rovics did one and a half number, before one of his guitar strings broke. I have, to my regret, never seen him live before today, but wanted to go a few of the times he has been playing in Denmark / Copenhagen. So it was kind of cool seeing him, although just for a short time.

Another weekend

I have just gotten in the door after spending a few hours at Østre Anlæg, where I was attending Stella Polaris . Rasmus and I had planned to go to the beach, but instead we ended up at Østre Anlæg. Was quite nice just relaxing in the sunshine with chill-out music playing.

The rest of my weekend has been used for consuming quite a lot of alcohol. Most of my Saturday was wasted just laying on the couch with a hangover. I did however do some things that I have been postponing for way to long.
I finally signed up for Erimitageløbet, and I finally put up the two last lamps in the living room.

Before going out for a few beers Saturday night we watched Superman Returns at Imperial. I wasn’t really impressed, but it was more or less what I had expected. Kevin Spacey did a great Lex Luthor, but what surprised me the most was that Louis Lane and Superman had a child together. According to my biology classes that means that they have in fact had sex at some point… or as Thomas pointed out after the movie, maybe Clark Kent had dragged a very drunk Louis Lane into the copy-room during a company party at the Daily Planet. But I guess that is an aspect of their relationship that will never make it to the big screen. Maybe for the best.

If all goes well I should be going running with Rasmus in one hour or so, when it gets cold enough, and I guess that ends a though but fun weekend.

It’s freaking yellow!

War! AIDS-epidemic! Government corruption!
These and other topics are of course important, but they seem to fade in comparison to what I am about to show you!

You, my dear educated sophisticated widely travelled reader might not think twice about the following, but for me it was a world shaking event… I’m of course talking about the first time I saw a yellow water melon.

In my world up until quite recently watermelons are red. (Unless they have gone bad of course.) But this one is yellow. It tasted all right, but it just seemed so strange.

Judge for your self


Anyway, yesterday I went with Thomas to Tivoli to watch and hear Beth Hart play Fredagsrock. I didn’t even know who she was (during the concert only one number seemed familiar), but the concert was great! I was really happy that we went. For obvious reasons I have never actually been to a concert in the seventies, but I think she hit that ‘vibe’ quite well.
Long story short, I liked what I heard!

Thomas and I later went for a few beers at a few pubs/kroer/bars, met up with some friends of Thomas and got more beers. So now I’m sitting here a bit hungover and trying to figure out what to do with my Saturday


Where did all this great weather come from? It has been like a genuine summer day today! I don’t have any school on Thursdays, so I have had the entire day off. I do have a lot of reading to do however… will get that started real soon now.

Anyway, last weekend went by way to fast. Friday was heavy drinking day! I started out by meeting Sarah and some of her friends (and friends of friends) at Nørreport where we went for a quick beer at Heidi’s Bier Bar. I only stayed for half an hour or so, then I said goodbye and went to meet Esben at Strawinsky. We met up at Gothersgade, and went in. Esben wasn’t drinking any alcohol for the entire night, so I had to do the drinking for the both of us, and I think I did a fair job! Later on more people showed up, there was drinking, dancing, shouting and fooseball. All in all it was a great night with nice company!
Night turned into morning, the club closed and after I a quick tuna fish sandwich I walked home in the light of dawn.

Next day, Saturday, I for some strange reason woke up around 10 am, and could not sleep any more. So I got a bit of studying done before I rode my MC to my grandmothers nursing home. It was her birthday party, and the whole family gathered for a bit of talking and then later dinner. My grandmother doesn’t talk much any more, but when I got there she said something along the lines of “Du ser ud som om du har det godt.” I didn’t give it much thought at the moment, but come to think of it she might be right. I do actually (and have for the last couple of weeks) been feeling quite good. Not that I don’t have a huge workload at school, and there are 1000 things that should have my attention, but doesn’t, but all in all I do feel good!
Anyway, I left dinner early to go see the Matematiker Revy at school. It was great fun. You had to have a background in math (or a related study), but the jokes and the atmosphere was wonder full.
Can’t really remember what I did Sunday, but I suspect that I went to the gym to work out with Esben, but I’m not quite sure.

Monday (I have Mondays off these next weeks by the way) was first of May. So during the late afternoon I met up with Esben, Søren H and Rasmus and we went to Fælledparken to enjoy the weather, listen to some music (we never really found the right place I think) and drink a few beers. However we are / were all serious students (some more than others…) so the day ended early

so, today I went to the gym, met up with Esben and Mark at their work, went for some ice cream with Esben, and then walked home from Frederiksberg – was a great walk in the sunshine!
… and now I’m almost running out of excuses for not reading – what should I do about that?

Do I look like a drug dealer?

Yesterday i was out for a walk and these 3 kids asked me , in english, if I knew where they could by some extacy. So I have been asking my self if I do look like a drug dealer.
Anyway, the kids turned out to be from Malmø, Sweeden, and they were in Copenhagen for a night and a laugh.

So, anyway, whatever I look like me and my flatmate are going to go and listen to some jazz in Tivoli in an hour or so. Should be fun!

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

So far all the entries in this (yet short) blog have been kinda serious. But not this one. I went with my flatmate to see Elvis Costello and The Imposters in Tivoli yesterday. It was an ok consert (although some people had trouble understanding that they were not the only ones there, so they started unfolding umbrellas up to avoid the rain – making it hard to see the stage for the rest of us).
On the way home it realy rained alot and there was also thunder, so since we were already soaking wet we started running and jumping in puddles. Might as well just have fun, right?
I wonder if my clothes are dry yet…

And since i still have a lot of exams the next 3 weeks, that was proberly the most fun i’m going to have until the exams are all over. Lucky me!