Det var friskt!

Der findes ikke dårligt vejr, kun forkert påklædning – men min påklædning var nok ikke helt god til dagens Eremitageløb. Jeg havde heller ikke fået trænet meget op til løbet denne gang… men efter alle undskyldningerne står stadig at jeg klarede mig igennem på 1:02:09 – og det er vel helt ok. Jeg ville selvfølgelig gerne have været under en time, eller endnu bedre været under min tid fra sidste år.

Klar til Eremitageløbet?

Mit løbsnummer til Eremitageløbet kom med posten for et par dage siden. Jeg vil selvfølgelig gerne kommer hurtigere igennem end sidste år (58 min og 56 sek) og føler mig også i rimeligt god form i øjeblikket. Udover lige lidt ondt i halsen og måske en lille smule feber, men det går forhåbentlig over inden det går løs om 2½ uger søndag d. 5. oktober.

One hour, three minutes and three seconds!

Today I ran my first ever Eremitageløb. I got what I personally consider a good time. I ran the 13.3 km in 1:03:03. Since it’s my first time running, it really is a personal best.

It was raining quite a bit when we were going there, but luckily the rain stopped, and for the last stretch the sun was actually shining a bit. All the other runners were of course in my way (or I was in theirs…), but that is the way it is, and I guess the conditions are the same for everyone. And if I choose to run next year I should be able to start a bit further up front, where hopefully people are generally setting a faster pace.

Oh the pain…

The pain helps me remember that I’m alive! My legs hurt quite a lot when I walk around. Not so much when I sit or if I stand still.
I went running yesterday evening by myself. I got all the way around all the lakes – twice. And all in about 1 hour and 5-10 minutes. It’s the first time that I have run so long a distance (it’s roughly 12.5 km, give or take), but with Eremitage løbet coming up this Sunday, not one moment to soon.

Monday I went with Esben to see All Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth in Dagmar. I didn’t expect much but was to some extend pleasantly surprised. It’s basically one long presentation of his ‘slide show’ that he has given several times, spiced up with a few anecdotes, fancy graphics and similar.
Living in Europe and living (for better and for worse) the life that I do, of course the movie also had a message to me, but I felt a lot of it was very much for the American audience. Also, a lot of the information was in no way new to me, although some things were put into quite other perspectives.

While walking home from the cinema Esben and I talked about what to do about the situation/problems that the movie brought up. Our conversation covered a lot of ground, and our ideas spread from on the one hand start really using less energy, and use environmentally friendly energy, to on the other hand getting ready to live in a Water World like world, and starting already now looking into growing gills.