Tuesday I was at Kongens Nytorv in front of the French embassy for a demonstration of solidarity with the young people in France. The young people, students etc. in France are upset about the proposed CPE law. Even though the weather was nice, the turnout was not as great as it could have been.

My course in functional analysis is almost over, and after the exam Monday (which is not quite an exam but a “conversation” or something similar), I have quite a few days off. Can’t wait for holidays!


So, it’s snowing here. I thought spring was right around the cornor, but I guess I was wrong…

Been a while since I last “bloged”. I have been ill, have missed a couple of classes, and have decided to skip my physics course for now. So now I will be consentrating on my functional analysis course.
I have also unofficialy been told that I have passede my bachelors project, but that the official message is still stuck somewhere in university bureaucracy. That’s good, I guess. I had however thought I would be more thrilled by that message. Maby my sore throat etc. took the happiness out of it?