Surely he must be drunk…

He must be drunk!” That was my first thought when I read Søren Houen‘s comment on my latest blog entry. Søren wrote:

By the way – you have PLENTY of time to clog when you turn in a bachelor tomorrow :P

The first thing I didn’t really understand was the use of c where I would have used a b. I know what to blog means, but to clog? I haven’t heard of that, and the c and b keys are to far apart for it to be a simple typing error. The other thing I didn’t understand was the use of you. I thought that referred to me, but I didn’t have a bachelor project to hand in (I already handed in mine early 2006). However finally I figured out that he meant you as in more general, and actually, he meant him self. Because Søren did in fact turn in his bachelor yesterday (congratulations!) and he also coined a new word.

[to clog, clogging] “The act of commenting on a blog”

So the c was not a typo, he actually meant clog. I must admit that I would more imagine clogging to be something the Mario brothers would be trying to prevent King Koopa to do to a tube.