Newest Alien film

Yesterday I went to see the latest Alien film. Like the others it feature Sigourney Weaver as a woman, who, just like was the case in the first Alien film, has been employed by a heartless corporation, which sends men and women into the far reaches of space, exposing them to extreme dangers, with only one motivation: Profit!


Very early in the film it is made clear that conflict with the aliens already populating the planet, called Pandora, is inevitable. All the time I must admit that I was hoping for some of the humans to act responsibly and just say:

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

That should have wiped out the alien menace once and for all – but of course, just like all the other Alien films, the people in charge make all the wrong decisions. However the lack of nukes being launched does make for a much more entertaining film.


The film, and in particular the special effects used to produce the landscape and the aliens, is stunning. There is a high pace throughout and although it lasts over 2 and a half hours, the film never gets boring.


Definitely worth seeing.