Where did all this great weather come from? It has been like a genuine summer day today! I don’t have any school on Thursdays, so I have had the entire day off. I do have a lot of reading to do however… will get that started real soon now.

Anyway, last weekend went by way to fast. Friday was heavy drinking day! I started out by meeting Sarah and some of her friends (and friends of friends) at Nørreport where we went for a quick beer at Heidi’s Bier Bar. I only stayed for half an hour or so, then I said goodbye and went to meet Esben at Strawinsky. We met up at Gothersgade, and went in. Esben wasn’t drinking any alcohol for the entire night, so I had to do the drinking for the both of us, and I think I did a fair job! Later on more people showed up, there was drinking, dancing, shouting and fooseball. All in all it was a great night with nice company!
Night turned into morning, the club closed and after I a quick tuna fish sandwich I walked home in the light of dawn.

Next day, Saturday, I for some strange reason woke up around 10 am, and could not sleep any more. So I got a bit of studying done before I rode my MC to my grandmothers nursing home. It was her birthday party, and the whole family gathered for a bit of talking and then later dinner. My grandmother doesn’t talk much any more, but when I got there she said something along the lines of “Du ser ud som om du har det godt.” I didn’t give it much thought at the moment, but come to think of it she might be right. I do actually (and have for the last couple of weeks) been feeling quite good. Not that I don’t have a huge workload at school, and there are 1000 things that should have my attention, but doesn’t, but all in all I do feel good!
Anyway, I left dinner early to go see the Matematiker Revy at school. It was great fun. You had to have a background in math (or a related study), but the jokes and the atmosphere was wonder full.
Can’t really remember what I did Sunday, but I suspect that I went to the gym to work out with Esben, but I’m not quite sure.

Monday (I have Mondays off these next weeks by the way) was first of May. So during the late afternoon I met up with Esben, Søren H and Rasmus and we went to Fælledparken to enjoy the weather, listen to some music (we never really found the right place I think) and drink a few beers. However we are / were all serious students (some more than others…) so the day ended early

so, today I went to the gym, met up with Esben and Mark at their work, went for some ice cream with Esben, and then walked home from Frederiksberg – was a great walk in the sunshine!
… and now I’m almost running out of excuses for not reading – what should I do about that?

Back to school

School started again this week. Went well so far. Tuesday I had the first lectures and problem session for my course about C*-algebras and today (yes, it is still kind off Wednesday) I had my first lecture and problem session for my Java course. I forgot to bring the obligatory coca-cola soda, but to keep in touch with the computer science roots of that course I was wearing my old Red Alert t-shirt, but I don’t think anyone noticed – it’s still to cold here to walk around in just a t-shirt. Although it is getting warmer almost day by day…

I started the weekend with some heavy drinking with Joe, which left me quite smashed for the next days Kapi-Lab, but I got “through”, and I would like to think that it gave me some new insight into some of the topics that were discussed. Finally Saturday I got up late’ish but drove my MC to Malmö (first time over the bridge – was kind of a let down, it’s quite flat and there was low visibility when I was driving across) to see Joe’s and his brother Anders’s new apartment over there. It still needs paint, furniture etc., but it looks really nice and big, and Malmö (or what I saw of it) seems like a real nice city.

So, tomorrow is my day off (although I think finding stuff to do won’t be a problem, among other things there is always reading), and then it’s almost weekend. And I think this weekend might also involve a bit of drinking… time will tell.

They talk the talk…

Everyone who has a opinion about the future of our society (especially almost every member of the parliament, business leaders etc.) here in Denmark keep saying (among other things) that we need more young people to study science. They may or may not be right, I can’t see into the future, so I can’t tell, but if they really feel that is the way to go, they should put their money where their mouth is!
I went with my flatmate Esben to the gym Saturday, and then went to see his “office” at the CBS. I know a direct comparison between the CBS and my school, the Institute for Mathematical Sciences at University of Copenhagen is not possible. The CBS has a lot more students, is financed in a quite different way etc., but when I saw the leather bound hand railings, student group room after student group room with new furniture, flat screen TVs I could not help but thinking, “where do these money come from?”.

I’m not as such jealous or have a grudge at the CBS students (or any other students for that matter) and it’s not that I don’t enjoy the physical surroundings at my school. But to some extend I’m sure the physical surroundings do play a big part in the joy and quality of learning… so why are we at the faculty of science not walking around in futuristic hi-tech architectonic wonders, with great acoustics, lots of group studies rooms etc. when others are? Am I just whining like a little kid here, or is it that a lot of people have a lot of great words about science students and what should be done for them, but don’t really want to follow the golden words with cold hard cash? I begin to suspect the later…

That being said, spring has really hit Copenhagen. Saturday was a great day for being outside, and the evening was even warm enough for casual’ish cloths. Sunday I got a phone call from David. He has gotten his own MC finally, so we met up, and drove to Langelinie and then a short trip north along the cost, before our paths split, David driving home, and me going to my uncle for dinner.


My three weeks long holiday has started. I passed my only course this block yesterday, and so today was my first day with nothing planned to do. I have a whole bunch of stuff I hope to get done during these days, but I must admit that the only thing I have managed to accomplish today is make a list of all the things… and I’m not even sure that list is complete.

Back to school

My studies started again last week. Woooh, there is a lot of reading to do. Not that it comes as a surprise. As such the two courses I have for the next block seem interesting (having only interesting courses seem like one of the the advantages of being able to choose what courses to follow), but hard. Lot of reading, lots of new consepts. I’m already a bit behind on some of the reading, but hopefully I will catch up tomorrow (yeah right – like that’s going to happen).