Birthday commin up soon…

Yesterday I had some old friends over for sushi, wine, beer and ‘pebernødder’. It had been a long time since we had met last time and it was fun to talk about old times (and more recent events as well).
They also helped me rearrange the furniture in my living room, and so far I’m very happy with the result. I still need to get books back on the shelves of the bookcase and stuff like that, but the furniture is placed both esthetically (in lack of a better word) and practically. My ‘study’ is also coming along nicely and should be ready for use soon.

Today I met with some fellow students and we worked through the last hand in for one of my courses. So now I just have to type it in so it’s ready for handing in at Monday. Being my birthsday tomorrow and with the party and all I don’t plan to do any school stuff Saturday (birthsday and party) or Sunday (hangover).


The number of computers in the living room has risen by almost 50% lately!
A couple of days ago Esben dragged home a old Macintosh and two days ago my new laptop arrived.
It’s fetching updates for Ubuntu as I write this. I haven’t had time to install the OS before now, because my hand ins for school have been taking up quite a lot of my time. But I got them done and handed in just in time.
So now is (almost) my Christmas vacation. I still have 4 hours of lectures on Monday, but when they are done it is truly vacation time for me.

Of course I haven’t had a opportunity to get a complete picture of what my new laptop can and can’t do. But I have been meaning to get a new one for quite some time now. My current / old one has (in retrospect) been equipped with to few ram from day one. The fact that the keyboard and the sound has been getting unstable and failing from time to time just made the decision to get a new one so much more easy.

Choices, so many choices

So, a lot of things going on right now… well, not really a lot. A lot of important things… well, in the big picture maybe not that important.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what courses (not) to follow the coming spring. I just found out that I have very few ECTS points left to spend on courses, so picking which ones not to follow turns out to be the hard part. I have until December 10’Th, before I have to decide.

My flatmate has informed me that he has found a dorm room, and will be moving out in January. I had a bit of doubt regarding what to do with the extra room. Should I rent it out again, or would the extra space actually be nice to have?
For now I have decided to not rent it out, but if I start to need the money, of course that can change in the future.

Now, I just need to finish my dinner (chicken and rice) and then I’m off to watch Babel with some friends.

Hurtig opdatering…

Jeg bryder mig ikke om at ‘tvinge’ mig selv til at blogge. På den anden side er det også ved at være mere end bare et par dage siden jeg sidst har skrevet noget her.
Mine nye kurser er startet igen – jeg har nu været igang i en uge, og det er jo meget trygt og hyggeligt. Så ved jeg ihvertfald hvad jeg skal bruge (noget) af min tid på.
Tele2 er også blevet skiftet ud med Fullrate her i lejligheden. Overgangs perioden (5 dage uden internet) var selvfølgelig hård for en net-junkie som mig, men jeg klarede det. Jeg har endnu ikke rigtig haft brug for eller bemærket den forhøjede hastighed, men den skulle være der, og forhåbentlig kan besparelsen på internet og telefoni mærkes på et senere tidspunkt.
Tilgengæld har skiftet af udbyder (og opsætning med en ekstra firewall/modem) givet min freenet node nogle problemer. Den syntes at have svært ved at forbinde til andre. Men det kan være det bare er et konfigurations problem – jeg håber…

Where did this snow come from?

So, we just finished an October that has been the warmest in many years, hit November first, and then, Bam! Snow. And not the big fluffy snowflakes, that land ever so soft and gently, making a white blanket everywhere. Nope, the kind that are almost rain, but just to add pain and cold have chosen to turn a bit white and frozen and turn to water when they hit the ground. The kind that, with the strong wind we are also having today, combine to just bring pain and cold to anyone foolish enough to venture outside.

So, naturally, today was the day I choose to bring my MC to the shop for 12,000 km check-up and storage for the winter. The trip there was not so bad, although cold. Walking back was the really cold and nasty part. But I finally got home. So now I have 4 months without my MC. Not that I’m going to miss it over the winter. MC riding is really more of a spring/summer kind of thing – at least with danish weather.

Now I think I’ll grep some lunch, read a bit (exam coming up Friday…), and then I actually have to get outside again later. I have to go donate blood at the hospital at four o’clock. If it wasn’t for the weather I might actually look forward to that, but now it’s just something that has be done with.

New theme

I have been wanting to make this blog look more ‘fresh’ (in lack of a better word) for some time, and after a lot of tweaking I got the Greenery theme working to my liking. What caused me the most trouble was getting the theme working with the tools I use to mirror this blog to freenet, but when I actually started looking at the documentation for said tools everything went smooth.

On a more serious note, I have finally opened my books (which are actually notes) and started reading today – my algebra exam is in a little more than two weeks (Oh joy!) so I guess I can’t postpone it much longer.

So much for being a serious student…

About a week ago I finally got my hands on Sid Meier’s Civ IV for mac. I have played all the previous Civ games, and enjoyed every one of them, so I have been looking forward to the fourth one for some time.

And I can see already that this one is also going to consume quite a lot of my time. There are a few things about the game play that annoy me, but not nearly enough for me to not play the game. One being that you have a lot of information, but it is far from easy to access when you are actually expected to make decisions. But I guess that will become less of a problem when I get to familiarize myself with the units, the tech tree and so forth. Also even with the latest patch I’m still seeing things that can only be graphics and sound bugs or faulty hardware on my end.

Getting a passing grade, or passing a grade?

For reasons that are unclear to me my java course has ended yesterday. I did all the hand-ins, so I can now consider that course passed. One step closer to holidays!
I still need to do one more hand-in for my algebra course, but with the results from the other previous hand-ins I should be fairly sure of passing that course to. The question that poses it self is of course if I can pass with a grade better than just passed. I hope so!

So it would seem that my studying will end around the 20. of June, which is more than a week earlier that I had initially thought. Nice.

So, besides the last algebra hand-in I should really start looking into what courses to follow in the fall semester. I’m fairly sure I will follow a algebra course, but besides that I have a lot of doubts. But I should be able to figure it out today… hopefully.


Så gik der igen lang tid siden jeg ‘bloggede’ sidst.

Jeg var på gaden (sammen med 50.000 – 120.000 andre) d. 17 maj for at protestere mod regeringens planer om nedsækringer og foringelser at store dele af velfærdssamfundet. Ville egentlig sætte nogle billeder af gøgl, politi, talere osv. ind her, men jeg fik ikke lige taget nogen. Der er sikkert mange andre billeder hvis man søger lidt rundt på nettet.

I dag har jeg været med esben ude og træne, og så sider jeg og skal lige til at gå igang med at begynde på min java aflevering til næste uge.