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Late Global Jam in Copenhagen

by sbc on October 11th, 2009

Better late than never… due to some scheduling problems we didn’t manage to run a Global Jam last weekend, as the rest of the Ubuntu community did.

However, luckily we managed to run a jam yesterday, Saturday 10. If it could be called a part of the Global Jam, or if it was just our Local Jam is really just a matter of words. The five of us ended up working primarily on bug triaging. However we also had a quick look at the features of Empathy (the new default instant messaging client in Karmic Koala), and the Ubuntudanmark Podcast guys did a quick segment for their next podcast.

All in all I think the jam was a success, and I think we are ready for similar events in the future.

  1. Alex permalink

    I would definitely consider joining such an event in the future. Is there a mailing list or similar where stuff like this is announced? (I don’t usually follow the ubuntudanmark forum)

  2. There is a mailing list!

    Hope to see you next time! :)

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