Where did this snow come from?

So, we just finished an October that has been the warmest in many years, hit November first, and then, Bam! Snow. And not the big fluffy snowflakes, that land ever so soft and gently, making a white blanket everywhere. Nope, the kind that are almost rain, but just to add pain and cold have chosen to turn a bit white and frozen and turn to water when they hit the ground. The kind that, with the strong wind we are also having today, combine to just bring pain and cold to anyone foolish enough to venture outside.

So, naturally, today was the day I choose to bring my MC to the shop for 12,000 km check-up and storage for the winter. The trip there was not so bad, although cold. Walking back was the really cold and nasty part. But I finally got home. So now I have 4 months without my MC. Not that I’m going to miss it over the winter. MC riding is really more of a spring/summer kind of thing – at least with danish weather.

Now I think I’ll grep some lunch, read a bit (exam coming up Friday…), and then I actually have to get outside again later. I have to go donate blood at the hospital at four o’clock. If it wasn’t for the weather I might actually look forward to that, but now it’s just something that has be done with.

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