Choices, so many choices

So, a lot of things going on right now… well, not really a lot. A lot of important things… well, in the big picture maybe not that important.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what courses (not) to follow the coming spring. I just found out that I have very few ECTS points left to spend on courses, so picking which ones not to follow turns out to be the hard part. I have until December 10’Th, before I have to decide.

My flatmate has informed me that he has found a dorm room, and will be moving out in January. I had a bit of doubt regarding what to do with the extra room. Should I rent it out again, or would the extra space actually be nice to have?
For now I have decided to not rent it out, but if I start to need the money, of course that can change in the future.

Now, I just need to finish my dinner (chicken and rice) and then I’m off to watch Babel with some friends.

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