Where did all this great weather come from? It has been like a genuine summer day today! I don’t have any school on Thursdays, so I have had the entire day off. I do have a lot of reading to do however… will get that started real soon now.

Anyway, last weekend went by way to fast. Friday was heavy drinking day! I started out by meeting Sarah and some of her friends (and friends of friends) at Nørreport where we went for a quick beer at Heidi’s Bier Bar. I only stayed for half an hour or so, then I said goodbye and went to meet Esben at Strawinsky. We met up at Gothersgade, and went in. Esben wasn’t drinking any alcohol for the entire night, so I had to do the drinking for the both of us, and I think I did a fair job! Later on more people showed up, there was drinking, dancing, shouting and fooseball. All in all it was a great night with nice company!
Night turned into morning, the club closed and after I a quick tuna fish sandwich I walked home in the light of dawn.

Next day, Saturday, I for some strange reason woke up around 10 am, and could not sleep any more. So I got a bit of studying done before I rode my MC to my grandmothers nursing home. It was her birthday party, and the whole family gathered for a bit of talking and then later dinner. My grandmother doesn’t talk much any more, but when I got there she said something along the lines of “Du ser ud som om du har det godt.” I didn’t give it much thought at the moment, but come to think of it she might be right. I do actually (and have for the last couple of weeks) been feeling quite good. Not that I don’t have a huge workload at school, and there are 1000 things that should have my attention, but doesn’t, but all in all I do feel good!
Anyway, I left dinner early to go see the Matematiker Revy at school. It was great fun. You had to have a background in math (or a related study), but the jokes and the atmosphere was wonder full.
Can’t really remember what I did Sunday, but I suspect that I went to the gym to work out with Esben, but I’m not quite sure.

Monday (I have Mondays off these next weeks by the way) was first of May. So during the late afternoon I met up with Esben, Søren H and Rasmus and we went to Fælledparken to enjoy the weather, listen to some music (we never really found the right place I think) and drink a few beers. However we are / were all serious students (some more than others…) so the day ended early

so, today I went to the gym, met up with Esben and Mark at their work, went for some ice cream with Esben, and then walked home from Frederiksberg – was a great walk in the sunshine!
… and now I’m almost running out of excuses for not reading – what should I do about that?

Back to school

School started again this week. Went well so far. Tuesday I had the first lectures and problem session for my course about C*-algebras and today (yes, it is still kind off Wednesday) I had my first lecture and problem session for my Java course. I forgot to bring the obligatory coca-cola soda, but to keep in touch with the computer science roots of that course I was wearing my old Red Alert t-shirt, but I don’t think anyone noticed – it’s still to cold here to walk around in just a t-shirt. Although it is getting warmer almost day by day…

I started the weekend with some heavy drinking with Joe, which left me quite smashed for the next days Kapi-Lab, but I got “through”, and I would like to think that it gave me some new insight into some of the topics that were discussed. Finally Saturday I got up late’ish but drove my MC to Malmö (first time over the bridge – was kind of a let down, it’s quite flat and there was low visibility when I was driving across) to see Joe’s and his brother Anders’s new apartment over there. It still needs paint, furniture etc., but it looks really nice and big, and Malmö (or what I saw of it) seems like a real nice city.

So, tomorrow is my day off (although I think finding stuff to do won’t be a problem, among other things there is always reading), and then it’s almost weekend. And I think this weekend might also involve a bit of drinking… time will tell.


I went with my dad to Holbæk to pick up our MCs today (or, technically yesterday, as the little hand has passed 12 now). It was a nice, but a bit cold, ride home. I hit rush hour when I got close to the city center but on a MC you do flow through traffic a bit liter.

I also bought a new cell phone the other day. I haven’t quite gotten used to it, and I’m having some trouble getting it working with my pc (think I have the wrong data cable), but I hope I will become more fond of it as time goes bye.

Now I’m off to bed, for you see I have holidays currently, and as such don’t have any papers to turn in, books to read or similar stuff to bother me…


My dad and I had a talk some days ago about summer. We are planing on riding our motorcycles down through Europe. We havent (and I don’t think we will) planed any exact route etc. And it’s not like we have set a goal that we have to get to the mediterranean or anything like that. But we will see how far we get in the few weeks we will be going. A casual guess would proberly be that we end up somewhere around southern Germany.

My new years eve this year also seems to finally be falling into place. Søren H has invitede me (and some friends) to join the party at his place, so that’s cool (or, hopefully, going to be cool).

I’m still writing project, and I’m still not writing fast enough to make myself compleately happy. But I guess I should just get on with it instead of writing random bloge entrys or listening to music or playing computer games or…, well, I’m off to write some more – right after lunch!


Det slog mig ligefør da jeg smurte mig en leverpostejs mad (med agurk), at holdbarhedsdatoen på min leverpostej er senere end min afrejse til Thailand. Det er altså rigtig snart. Under 2 uger. Jeg skal stadig lige veksle lidt penge, og så ordne en milliard praktiske ting før jeg tager afsted, men det går nok alt sammen.

Så er min motorcykel blevet kørt til reperaion. Fredag aften da Joe kom forbi (for at få nogle øl med Rasmus, Niels og mig – og så videre ud og feste) så han at min MC lå på asfalten, i stedet for at stå på sit støtteben. Sur røv! Sidespejlet var smadret, og der var kommet en flænge i en slange. Håber ikke der er andre skader, men er var ikke noget andet at se. Regner med at få fat på værkstedet på mandag og høre hvad der er galt præcist, og hvad det kommer til at koste.
Men det er jo lidt ærgeligt at den ikke kan stå nede på gaden uden at blive væltet – om det så er en dum bilist der har givet den et puf, eller om det er nogle fulde folk der liiige skulle hen og røre, eller noget helt 3., det er jo ikke til at vide.