The man with the plan!

I have an exam in two weeks. In string theory… I have a wonder full study plan laid out, so I am in fact the man with the plan. It really is a good plan – only problem is that I’m already behind…

Yesterday I joined David and about 10.000 other motorcyclists in the annual opening of Bakken. It was my first time but hopefully not the last. There were a lot of really nice bikes there and the weather was really good! I’m sure the good weather was part of the reason for the really big turnout. Unfortunately I still don’t have a decent camera, so I didn’t get to take any pictures, but a lot of others have. Here is the best a quick search of the web returned to me so far if you would like to see a lot of bikes:

Som lovet…

Som lovet her er her en video:

… ellers har jeg ‘indlet’ MC sæsonen i dag. Jeg hentede min MC i mandags, men kørte den kun hjem, så det gælder vist ikke som en rigtig tur. Men i dag tog jeg en længere tur op til min mormor. Vejret var ikke helt perfekt, men det er jo tidligt på foråret og det føles godt at gøre min del for den globale opvarmning ved at brænde noget benzin af!

Where did this snow come from?

So, we just finished an October that has been the warmest in many years, hit November first, and then, Bam! Snow. And not the big fluffy snowflakes, that land ever so soft and gently, making a white blanket everywhere. Nope, the kind that are almost rain, but just to add pain and cold have chosen to turn a bit white and frozen and turn to water when they hit the ground. The kind that, with the strong wind we are also having today, combine to just bring pain and cold to anyone foolish enough to venture outside.

So, naturally, today was the day I choose to bring my MC to the shop for 12,000 km check-up and storage for the winter. The trip there was not so bad, although cold. Walking back was the really cold and nasty part. But I finally got home. So now I have 4 months without my MC. Not that I’m going to miss it over the winter. MC riding is really more of a spring/summer kind of thing – at least with danish weather.

Now I think I’ll grep some lunch, read a bit (exam coming up Friday…), and then I actually have to get outside again later. I have to go donate blood at the hospital at four o’clock. If it wasn’t for the weather I might actually look forward to that, but now it’s just something that has be done with.

No particular place to go…

This weekend was an event full one here in Copenhagen. Sunday afternoon a “reclaim the streets” party/demonstration in support of Ungdomshuset (Wikipedia link) ended in 263 arrests, and the media has been full of pictures of flying paving stones and dumpsters set on fire in the streets of Nørrebro.
The police of course claims that the demonstraters could have continued if they had played by the rules. The demonstraters on the other hand claim that the confrontation started by the police driving(!) their vans into the crowd.
At the end of the day, out of the 263 arrests only five people remained in custody.
My guess is that the police was just looking to pick a fight… The day before, Saturday, there was another big peace full demonstration, which I took part in, for Ungdomshuset with about 3,000 demonstrators and it was made clear again and again that all the happenings for Ungdomshuset this weekend (there was also a concert with some rather big names Friday) were to be peace full. The phrase “we choose when and where to fight” came up a couple of times and it was made clear that no one were looking for trouble this weekend…
Besides that, I personally had a great weekend, with some partying and moderate drinking Friday and Saturday night, and a relaxed bike ride with David Sunday afternoon out to Langelinie and up the coast with no particular place to go. We actually just managed to see the big police lineup at Droning Louises Bro before we left the city center.

Pictures from Holland

I really should get myself a new digital camera. The one I have needs to have its batteries changed more often than a baby needs to have diapers changed, and the picture quality leaves (considering what cameras are available currently) much to be desired.

Anyway, I have put up a few pictures from the trip me and my father was on this summer. Only pictures from Holland, no decent ones were taken on the rest of the trip unfortunately. Click the picture to see the rest of them.

MC Europe – 2006

(I also need to figure out how to best post pictures directly to this blog, but for now I won’t use WordPress to handle the pictures directly)


My father and I have made our way to Bastogne now. We have been through Utrecht (where the below picture is taken), Rotterdam, De Haan and Bruxelles.


I understand that sometimes when tourists come to Copenhagen and see the Little Mermaid they are dissapointet when they see how small she is. After seeing the Manneken Pis in Bruxells I now somehow know how they feel.

I morgen?!?

Min far ringede tidligere i dag. Det viser sig at vi skal afsted i morgen. Det er også hvad jeg har skrevet i min kalender for lang tid siden, jeg troede bare først det var fredag. Men jeg er vel næsten klar? Udover selvfølgelig at jeg skal have pakket, men det kan jeg forhåbentlig nå i morgen før vi kører, det er jo først om eftermiddagen.

Det jeg alligevel har glemt, tjah, det må jo så vente til jeg kommer hjem igen…

Weee, rush hour

I went to visit my grandmother today, and after visiting her drove north to visit my father. On the freeway I ran into the rush hour – how people can go through that every day is beyon me.

My father and I planed out roughly where we are going on our trip, booked a few hotels and figured out a bit about the packing. I’m actually starting to realise that we are leaving soon… I think it will be great fun!

On the way home I drow down Strandvejen just taking it slow and watching the scenery.

Tuesday Thomas and I went to Havnebadet, and even though the weatherpeople had promised rainshowers and we did feel a few drips as we biked through Nørrebro, the weather was great when we got there. All sunshine from a clear sky! So we got a bit of sun and a few swimming strokes.