London pictures

Monday I got home after a week in London. Unfortunately my usb memory card reader is broken, so I only have the pictures on my phone to share for now. I will upload more pictures (properly to facebook / flickr) when I gain access to the pictures on my camera.

I don’t feel like (or have time for) writing a whole lot right now, but here are a few pictures, and some words to accompany them.

My girlfriend really wanted to go see this. She found it to be just the way a musical version of the movie classic should be. Personally I thought it had to few car chases, but it was still great fun.


At the London Design museum I saw these LEGO usb sticks. I think someone mentioned them to me some time in the past, but now I have seen them ‘live’.


On Sunday and Monday there was the Notting Hill Carnival. Sunday was the kids parade…
… and Monday was for everyone. Unfortunately we were going home Monday, so I didn’t get to see that much of the parade on Monday.