It has been a long time since I last wrote here and I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts togehter. It has also been a long time sicne I last wrote in my diary – which might be a factor in my mental situation. So many things should have my attention, and at the end of the day quite a lot of those things seem… meaningless or not really important in the big picture. What I really need is to clear my mind and get a grip I think. Or loos grip and just see where the whirlwind that is life takes me? But enough of my rambeling pocket-philosophy.

Thursday I was at “julestue” at my old school, met some of my old class mates, some of my old teachers, etc. A few of us ended up getting some beer and went towards the city. We ended up at Sams Bar (of all places!) after having been by Postpuben in Lyngby, Out of Juice and Moose.

I have finally started writing on my bachelor project. So far I have written very little, and most of it is notes and thoughts, more than actual readable content. But when I get a little more done, and it starts looking a bit more… ready, I will start distributing it far and wide in the hope than some more eyes than mine can catch all the spelling mistakes, etc. The project has to be 30 pages so right now I just want to get somthing down on paper (or tex as it is), but since the topics I have to touch on are rather wide, limiting myself and picking out the important parts (and leaving out the trivial) will proberly become a challenge later. Anyway, I have to be done by the 27. of January 2006 – so wish me luck.

Winter – like it or not

So, it has started snowing for the first time here this winter. And as I sat in my fathers car watching Frederiksberg pass by outside, with the christmas decorations showing up over the road, and in some stores, it hit me – if winter is comming, so is christmas. Like it or not. It’s not like I didn’t know, or that it should surprise me, it’s just… Blah, I don’t really want to go through it all again one more year.

But I guess there is only one way through the darkness, and after christmas, the days will start getting longer…

Support? jaah tak

Jeg modtog en mail fra Tele2adsl i dag. Der var jo lidt problemer med faktureringen da Esben flyttede, idet internet abonomenet stod i hans navn, så han blev ved med at modtage regningerne. Det var jo ikke godt, så jeg sendte dem en mail d. 28. september 2005, hvor jeg bad om at de sendte fremtidige regninger til mig.
I dag fik jeg så svar tilbage om at de fremover ville sende regningerne til mig på min adresse. Det er jo fint de endelig vil gøre det, men en svartid på ca. 1½ måned kan da ikke være acceptabelt for sådan et firma, kan det?

Næsten klar

Så er det næsten middag – og det eneste jeg mangler nu er at pakke. Jeg har lagt lidt ting frem (bøger, elektronik ting, pas, penges osv), så det skulle ikke være mere end bare at finde alle mine t-shirts og underdrenge og så smide det hele i en taske.

Jeg havde en lidt mystisk drøm i nat. Kan ikke huske alle detajlerne, men det står meget klart for mig at jeg i drømmen havde tatoveringer på mine hænder og underarme – mystisk! Men nu er jeg vågnet op – og der er ingen tatoveringer der. Det er nok også meget godt.

Men nu vil jeg tage mig sammen og faktisk få pakket lidt og så rejser jeg jo om ca. 8 timer…

Det sker bare ikke, Lars Krimi!

Det var tordenvejr her for en time eller to siden, og både kabel-tv signalet og strømmen til vaskekælderen er forsvundet. Så der er ingen aflappende tv eller rent tøj før min skriftlige eksamen i morgen eftermiddag.

Nåh, så er det jo heller ikke værre – der er stadig et par rene underdrenge i min skuffe… og det værste der kan ske til eksamen i morgen er at jeg dumper – right?

First post – meta

First post and all that. I feel that, before i go on actually posting what would be “normal” blog content i should take a few lines to explain/justify why i have started blogging, why i have started blogging with Live Journal and what kind of content will be in this blog.

I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time now (months?) and actually had a running blog on my own home computer running WordPress. But even though that gave me a lot of options and freedoms i also gave me lots of problems. The software had to be kept updated, the computer had to be online all the time and so on. So i realized that if i used one of the free blog-sites on the net someone else would have to bother about all that, and i could consentrate on writing. After a (quick) look at some different sites, I picked live journal. It is (currently) witout banner adds, runs on free software and seems “nice”. I did not pick live journal for it’s communitys as that is not really what i’m looking for, but now that it is there it may be a feature i will take advanteage of at some later point in time.

Don’t expect this blog to be much different than so many others. There will proberly be the same rambeling, daily stories and general comments on the world that surrounds me as you can find in any other blog, but it is mine and i will try to get the best out of it. Note also that i do not write this blog for the reader but primarily for my self to give me somewhere public to express my views on things.

Also, as english is my second language, I may from time to time switch to writing danish entries. Time will tell. (And neither in english or in danish will spelling be a primary consern of mine. Live with it – noone is forcing you to read this – hopefully.)