Wait, this is not my school… is it?

I almost thought I had gone to the wrong place when I showed up at uni today. I had an appointment with my councillor today, but the sight that met me when I first entered HCØ was that of a fancy cafe theme. There were tall bar stools in fancy green colours and comfy looking sofas – in what could be mistaken for leather. Quite a lot has changed since I last walked those halls before summer.

But it was of course the right place I was at, and my counsellor had found some nice books for me to dive into. Off to Copenhagen University Library North I went and now have in my possession enough books to get started (and more ordered – should show up soon). Now I just need time to start reading.

This afternoon I went with a few other members of the ubuntu-dk loco team to Cafe Retro to see if it could be possible to host a Gutsy release party there. The place is very cosy and holds great promise. I do hope we figure something out (even though I properly won’t be there for the party, as I’m planing to go see Esben in Japan during the fall holidays).

Now I have just returned home from a night out with Søren, and a few people from his work. We went for a few quality beers at Ølbaren oelbaren.dk in Elmegade.

So, what did I actually see and do in Paris?

I saw a lot of the sights, I got a taste for wine (who would have thought that all it took was 6 days in Paris?), I went drinking near the Place de la Bastille,

saw a lot of the sights and drank absinthe (made the right way – with sugar, fire and water) in a bar. I could not find my way back to the bar again – and even if I could, I was sworn that I would never reveal its location. But if you ever find your self sitting on a bed turned sofa in the backroom of a bar in the Montmatre area and see this lamp, you’re in the right place!

I saw the sun set over the Montmatre, the Notre Dame

and the huge garden park and lake of the Versailles.

I managed to climb the steps all the way up to the Sacré-Cæur

and walked for several hours inside the Louvre.

More pictures here http://picasaweb.google.com/soeren.b.c/Paris2007, and a quick thanks goes to Esben for lending me his camera.

Back from Paris – safe and sound

I’m back from quite a trip. I do kind of feel like I just fell from the moon – which is wired, as there really is no time difference or anything like that from here to Paris.

The trip home went fine (besides from a bit rough take off from Paris – had the pilot looked to deep in the red wine bottle?).
Funny thing though. I flew home over Amsterdam (to get the cheapest tickets). From Paris to Amsterdam I flew with Air France, from Amsterdam to Copenhagen with KLM. In the Air France flight (and also on the Air France flight that took me out from Copenhagen to Paris) the row numbers and seat letters where ‘hidden’ under the sealing so I had to bend my knees and neck to make them out – while in the KLM flight they were right in sight for a tall(ish) guy like me.
Actually a bit like the metro system in Paris. There I also had to bend in the knees and tilde my head to make out the stations from inside the metro train when standing (no, I did not learn the entire metro system by heart in the 6 days I was there). So, are the french just lower than the Dutch (and Danish) or is that just the way things have always been, so there should be no need to change? Guess I will never know…

When I get an overview of some of the pictures I have take I will put a few of them up for all to see somewhere. It just seems like the internet needs more touristy and ‘out of focus’ pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe I will also write a few words of what I actually did and saw in Paris… stay tuned.

I need a holiday after this vacation!

Today I came home from a five day visit to Amsterdam. The trip did not start out in the best way. One of the guys in the group didn’t catch the plane and had to ride the train to Amsterdam instead – a trip that takes quite a bit longer than the two hours the rest of us had to spend on a plane. On top of that I left Copenhagen with a cold and a bit of fever (properly something I caught in the mud of Roskilde). When we finally arrived the weather was so-and-so and our hotel was located 8 kilometers outside the city center.

All those things aside the trip went well. Except for a visit to the Anne Frank House we didn’t really ‘see’ anything. But for some reason just passing time and letting days pass by is not as hard as it might sound.
I have unfortunately never read the Anne Frank Diary but did know her ‘story’. After visiting her former hiding place, reading it has moved up quite a bit on my mental ‘to do’ list.

Pictures from Holland

I really should get myself a new digital camera. The one I have needs to have its batteries changed more often than a baby needs to have diapers changed, and the picture quality leaves (considering what cameras are available currently) much to be desired.

Anyway, I have put up a few pictures from the trip me and my father was on this summer. Only pictures from Holland, no decent ones were taken on the rest of the trip unfortunately. Click the picture to see the rest of them.

MC Europe – 2006

(I also need to figure out how to best post pictures directly to this blog, but for now I won’t use WordPress to handle the pictures directly)


My father and I have made our way to Bastogne now. We have been through Utrecht (where the below picture is taken), Rotterdam, De Haan and Bruxelles.


I understand that sometimes when tourists come to Copenhagen and see the Little Mermaid they are dissapointet when they see how small she is. After seeing the Manneken Pis in Bruxells I now somehow know how they feel.

I morgen?!?

Min far ringede tidligere i dag. Det viser sig at vi skal afsted i morgen. Det er også hvad jeg har skrevet i min kalender for lang tid siden, jeg troede bare først det var fredag. Men jeg er vel næsten klar? Udover selvfølgelig at jeg skal have pakket, men det kan jeg forhåbentlig nå i morgen før vi kører, det er jo først om eftermiddagen.

Det jeg alligevel har glemt, tjah, det må jo så vente til jeg kommer hjem igen…

Weee, rush hour

I went to visit my grandmother today, and after visiting her drove north to visit my father. On the freeway I ran into the rush hour – how people can go through that every day is beyon me.

My father and I planed out roughly where we are going on our trip, booked a few hotels and figured out a bit about the packing. I’m actually starting to realise that we are leaving soon… I think it will be great fun!

On the way home I drow down Strandvejen just taking it slow and watching the scenery.

Tuesday Thomas and I went to Havnebadet, and even though the weatherpeople had promised rainshowers and we did feel a few drips as we biked through Nørrebro, the weather was great when we got there. All sunshine from a clear sky! So we got a bit of sun and a few swimming strokes.


My dad and I had a talk some days ago about summer. We are planing on riding our motorcycles down through Europe. We havent (and I don’t think we will) planed any exact route etc. And it’s not like we have set a goal that we have to get to the mediterranean or anything like that. But we will see how far we get in the few weeks we will be going. A casual guess would proberly be that we end up somewhere around southern Germany.

My new years eve this year also seems to finally be falling into place. Søren H has invitede me (and some friends) to join the party at his place, so that’s cool (or, hopefully, going to be cool).

I’m still writing project, and I’m still not writing fast enough to make myself compleately happy. But I guess I should just get on with it instead of writing random bloge entrys or listening to music or playing computer games or…, well, I’m off to write some more – right after lunch!