Going to Calefornia…

So, my cousin got married, I was in Vejle and a lot of other things happened, but I did not write anything about that here – did not have the time, nor do i now.

But tomorrow i’m leaving for California for a nice vacation with some mates. Let’s see if I get to write anything ‘over there’, or else it will have to wait until i get back home. May be ill also have some pictures… Time will tell.

Fun two day ahead…

I just saw one of the cars the police use for transporting several cops in riot gear running at high speed and lights flashing down Gothersgade. I can only guess where they are going, but my guess is that it is not the last cop car i’m gong to see in the next two days. The american president is coming to Copenhagen – unfortunately. I would rather have seen him stay at home. But now that he is comming i’m going to show my unhappiness with his politics by joining the big demonstration against him tomorow around two o’clock. This afternoon (in 2 hours or so) i will be going to a concert in Fælledparken for “MakePovertyHistory”.

So, let’s see in two days how many normal danish citicens have had their day ruined by the presidents visit… Hopefully that is all that will go wrong – I fear that the police will be cracking down in a nasty violent manner on the demonstrators. Hopefully that will not happen – time will tell.

Do I look like a drug dealer?

Yesterday i was out for a walk and these 3 kids asked me , in english, if I knew where they could by some extacy. So I have been asking my self if I do look like a drug dealer.
Anyway, the kids turned out to be from Malmø, Sweeden, and they were in Copenhagen for a night and a laugh.

So, anyway, whatever I look like me and my flatmate are going to go and listen to some jazz in Tivoli in an hour or so. Should be fun!

The wrath of God!

So, i passed my final exam this semester. I did not make a brilliant presentation, but it was a oral exam that was graded as “passed” or “not passed” and i got a passed, so now is my wacation – quite nice.
Went to a party over at Søren H’s place – got drunk and all that… and this is the point in the story where the warth of god comes in. Because today i was awoken quite early by his evil minions! The people in the church next door (which is not quite a church) were singing and playing music so i woke up just now with a headace.

I also went to see “Sin City” – nice movie. Although our seets were not that great and i suspect that i might have missed a few parts of the plot. Might go to see it again.

Det sker bare ikke, Lars Krimi!

Det var tordenvejr her for en time eller to siden, og både kabel-tv signalet og strømmen til vaskekælderen er forsvundet. Så der er ingen aflappende tv eller rent tøj før min skriftlige eksamen i morgen eftermiddag.

Nåh, så er det jo heller ikke værre – der er stadig et par rene underdrenge i min skuffe… og det værste der kan ske til eksamen i morgen er at jeg dumper – right?

One down, four to go

So, today i passed the first of my exams for this semester today. It was a 30 min oral exam in the history of mathematics – and i drew the topic “mathematics in the 17. century”.
All in all it is nice to have passed the first exam. I don’t have much time for enjoying the moment though. I will be handed my next exam over this friday, and then i will have 24 hours to work on it. Oh joy!

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

So far all the entries in this (yet short) blog have been kinda serious. But not this one. I went with my flatmate to see Elvis Costello and The Imposters in Tivoli yesterday. It was an ok consert (although some people had trouble understanding that they were not the only ones there, so they started unfolding umbrellas up to avoid the rain – making it hard to see the stage for the rest of us).
On the way home it realy rained alot and there was also thunder, so since we were already soaking wet we started running and jumping in puddles. Might as well just have fun, right?
I wonder if my clothes are dry yet…

And since i still have a lot of exams the next 3 weeks, that was proberly the most fun i’m going to have until the exams are all over. Lucky me!


The no vote in the Netherlands yesterday confirmed again that the new proposed constitution does not have a public backing.

Also, here in Denmark the public support for the treaty is dropping, acording to this. Let’s see if we are even going to have a referendum here, with all that is going on. Ohh well, nothing i can do regarding that now anyway. Back to studying.

(Also, i have been trying out some different layouts of this blog. I’m not yet quite happy with the current one, but let’s see if it grows on me.)

Barsebäck – finally shut down.

Finally reactor two of the Barsebäck nuclear plant was shut down, and so the plant has finally stoped running. Ofcourse the halt of all the reactors will not make the nuclear waste vanish as by magic, but it will halt the production, and more importantly for me (and others living in copenhagen) remove the threath to the city. As Barsebäck is located less than 30 km from copenhagen, in the event of a disaster who knows what could happen.

I could go on by how this in no way ends the threath to copenhagen (or any other city) by nuclear plants located all over, or that the problems regarding nuclear waste are as real as ever, but right now i will just be happy with the close down of one plant.

… and now, it’s back to studying for me. I have exams starting in two weeks and i have a lot of reading to do.


Yesterday, the french voted no to the proposed new eu constitution. I am pleased with this and hope that this will put an end to it.
There has been a lot of talk of why the french woted as they did, and a lot of people have tried to explain the result and tried to conclude that the french did not know what they were voting about. Shows what these people think of democracy…

Anyway, late sunday evening i was down in front of the french embasy in copenhagen where there was speaches, dancing and general meriment. Parts of the danish “no movenment” and the danish left wanted to manifest that the french are not the only ones opposed to the new treatie, but that the opposition is international (or, atleast, spread out over all of europe).

(I’m trying out a program called LogJam for this entry, so let’s see how it works out.)