Satyr Revy!

Så har jeg været i Paris! Vejret var jo lidt koldere end da jeg var i byen i sommer. Heldigvis holdt det tørt næsten begge dagene så vi slap med gråvejr som det kan ses.

Jeg har ikke fået taget så mange billeder, men dem det blev til kan ses her:

Paris – 2007 November

I går var jeg til Satyr revy (sammenslutning af revyer på naturvidenskab på KU), bl.a. sammen med Søren. Det var altså ‘best of’ BioKem Revy, DIKU Revy, FysikRevy™ og MatematikRevy. Så der var både glade gensyn og for mig nye numre imellem. Jeg fik for første gang set filmen med Kaptajn DIKU og Doktor Fysik – en film jeg har hørt positivt omtalt mange gange af diverse datalogi studerende og den levede selvfølgelig op til sit ry.
Efter revyen blev der drukket nogle øl og drinks forskellige steder… og nu sidder jeg og er lige så stille ved at komme op i gear efter at være vågnet op med en del tømmermænd.

Pictures and movies from Tokyo

I might as well come to terms with it sooner than later: I’m not going to get the time to write a long and detailed day-to-day description of what Esben and I saw and experienced in Tokyo.

So I will just post links to Esben’s and my pictures at Picasa., and then include a few videos. First from the party at the start of my stay in Tokyo:

and then me running around like a little kid at the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation at Odaiba:

Oh, and then election is coming here in Denmark on November 13, so I guess I have to get out in some way or another to promote my favorite left-wing party: Enhedslisten.


Seven degrees is cold – especially after spending the last ten days in Tokyo at around 20 degrees. But that was what greeted me when I arrived at the airport and on the walk home from the metro station.

But I think I will be heading towards my bed very soon now – I have been up for around 26 hours (or something like that) with no sleep.

I will post pictures (taken with my new camera) and tell tall tales as soon as I have the time. Promise!

If you really can’t wait, maybe you can see what Esben has to say here, here and possibly here.

Næsten klar til at tage afsted…

Nu mangler jeg bare at forberede et enkelt moduls undervisning til i morgen – så kan jeg (næsten) holde fri for i aften.

I morgen skal jeg så op og afholde det modul, have nogle samtaler med nogle grupper der skal have opgaver tilbage (med en udtalelse og karakter) – og når det er slut så skal jeg i gang med alle de små praktiske ting jeg skal nå inden jeg flyver torsdag! Crazy monkey!

Se could not even recognise me – at first

I went to visit my grandmother today. I must admit that I don’t visit her to often – but today when I showed up she could not recognise me. However, after a little while she did, and we could talk for a while. Unfortunately my grandmothers hearing is getting very bad, so I had to talk very loud, and I don’t think she understood all the details of what I told her – but she did understand that I have gotten a job since we last talked and that I’m soon going to Japan.

Talking of Japan, I have finally exchanged some money (so I’m now carrying around several thousands of yen – I feel so wealthy with all those zeroes printed on the notes). I have also added a small app at the top of my pc screen showing what the weather is like in Tokyo – 21 degree Celsius is what it tells me right now. A little bit better than the 12 degrees here.

Wait, this is not my school… is it?

I almost thought I had gone to the wrong place when I showed up at uni today. I had an appointment with my councillor today, but the sight that met me when I first entered HCØ was that of a fancy cafe theme. There were tall bar stools in fancy green colours and comfy looking sofas – in what could be mistaken for leather. Quite a lot has changed since I last walked those halls before summer.

But it was of course the right place I was at, and my counsellor had found some nice books for me to dive into. Off to Copenhagen University Library North I went and now have in my possession enough books to get started (and more ordered – should show up soon). Now I just need time to start reading.

This afternoon I went with a few other members of the ubuntu-dk loco team to Cafe Retro to see if it could be possible to host a Gutsy release party there. The place is very cosy and holds great promise. I do hope we figure something out (even though I properly won’t be there for the party, as I’m planing to go see Esben in Japan during the fall holidays).

Now I have just returned home from a night out with Søren, and a few people from his work. We went for a few quality beers at Ølbaren in Elmegade.

So, what did I actually see and do in Paris?

I saw a lot of the sights, I got a taste for wine (who would have thought that all it took was 6 days in Paris?), I went drinking near the Place de la Bastille,

saw a lot of the sights and drank absinthe (made the right way – with sugar, fire and water) in a bar. I could not find my way back to the bar again – and even if I could, I was sworn that I would never reveal its location. But if you ever find your self sitting on a bed turned sofa in the backroom of a bar in the Montmatre area and see this lamp, you’re in the right place!

I saw the sun set over the Montmatre, the Notre Dame

and the huge garden park and lake of the Versailles.

I managed to climb the steps all the way up to the Sacré-Cæur

and walked for several hours inside the Louvre.

More pictures here, and a quick thanks goes to Esben for lending me his camera.